The Integrative Practice is moving, expanding, and changing from April 2019 in an exciting new mental health project. Director of this service, Dr Karen Faisandier, is seeking local integrative health practitioners to collaborate with in a brand-new integrative hub based in a prime location in the Wellington CBD. Practitioners will be interdisciplinary, specialised and experienced in mental health, and focused on incorporating nutritional and lifestyle interventions in their work.

The purpose of the hub is to share interdisciplinary skills and ideas, to collaborate and work on cases together, to improve client outcomes through integrative practice, and to provide an environment that optimises client and practitioner wellbeing.  Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, nutritionists, naturopaths, and other complimentary disciplines are invited to apply for this opportunity. The key prerequisite is that applicants will share a wellbeing/holistic view of health, have interest in collaborating, and will be registered professionals with a robust training background.

If you would like to know more about this opportunity please email us here to request an information pack.

Applications close date: 28th February 2019.