The first appointment is 1 hour long and during this time we'll establish a sound understanding of the difficulties you are having, what you'd like to get from coming along, and any recommendations for what you can do or therapy work that could be beneficial. Ongoing appointments thereafter may be weekly, fortnightly or less frequently depending on needs, and are 50 minutes in duration. Eftpos payment is expected on the day unless otherwise arranged with a third party funder. Please contact us if you would like to find out about costs.

In addition to appointment time, time is also spent preparing for consultations and following up afterwards. This includes writing notes, emails, and therapy plans, scoring and interpreting any questionnaires used in assessment, reviewing relevant research, liaising with other health professionals, and seeking professional mentoring and supervision. These are all covered by the assessment and therapy fees set unless special reports are requested for other agencies, in which case a quote for the report can be provided. 


You can read about the Code of Ethics for psychologists practising in New Zealand. The confidentiality policy will be discussed with you at the first appointment and the exceptions to this explained (i.e., if there are immediate safety risks to you or anyone else). Written records of appointment details are also kept. Clinical psychologists participate in appropriate supervision of their work, to ensure safe and best practice. 

Availability of appointments depends on how full the practice is at any time. Appointments not kept or cancelled with 24 hours notice will incur a 50% late cancellation charge unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

The practice offers a warm, genuine, and compassionate style and considers consultations to involve a joint effort working towards goals that are set collaboratively.  There are times that we may decide that working together is not viable, and in these instances other referral options will be provided that may be more suited to your needs.

Please note that service does not have the capacity to function as an emergency service, and so for any emergency mental health enquiries please contact the Wellington 24/7 team - Te Haika - on 0800 745 477, visit the hospital emergency  department, or contact 111 if immediately concerned for yourself or someone else's safety.